What is PhotoVideoGoʼs style?

 We can shoot in any style. It all depends on the event and the clients’ wishes. Some clients like a Photojournalist type of shooter  and others have no preference. You tell us what you prefer and we will oblige. We try to capture every possible moment of your event; from the beginning to end. We then go home and make sure that all your photos & videos are perfect before handing them over to you in a beautiful package.

When should I talk with my photographer, and what details should be finalized before we go over the details together?

We recommend talking with your photographer at least twice; In the initial meeting so that you can tell us all about your grand plans and then we can have another meeting the week of the event, to go over a final thorough review of your day preferences and plans. Having a meeting the week of the event ensures all the details we discuss will be completely up to date. In-between, you can call, email or text us as much as you want, and we will be happy to answer all your questions.

How many images can I expect to receive?

That depends on so many things, like the hours, type of event or if there are one or two photographers. The short answer is;  you will get as much photos as we can shoot. The long answer is;  between 200-2000 photos or more. We will work closely with you to maximize your shooting time so that you get every photo opportunity possible. When it come to photos, everyone loves quality over quantity. We guarantee that you will love the quantity and especially the quality of every photo  we take.

I loved working with PhotoVideoGo! How can I help others find you?

Thanks! We want to spread the word as much as you do. Tell your friends and anyone who might be interested in our services. We appreciate your great feedback. In addition, you can earn a discount when you book us again.

Do you shoot in black and white, or just color?

Everything that we shoot is shot in color, but can be converted to black and white in post production. Also, all of your high-resolution digital negatives will be delivered to you after the event, and you can do any additional effects that you wish!

Does my package include Digital Negatives?

Yes! Digital negatives are now included with every package at PhotoVideoGo. These high-resolution files are yours to keep, and can be used to make your own prints, give as gifts to family and friends, or just upload to your favorite website.

Should I have one people or two capture my event?

You can have as much coverage as you desire. We can bring 1-5 professionals to shoot your event. It depends if you want to capture multiple things simultaneously, if you need multiple angles, if you have  a large crowd and your budget.  Call us so we can figure it out together.

What if I want to order something not included in the package?

Call or email us so we can talk about whatever you need for you to be a satisfied customer.

How long is the final edited video?

It all depends on the duration of your event or the type of event. For Weddings; the full length video is usually between 30-60 minutes. The trailer is usually between 3-5 minutes. For Corporate work the video is between 1-3 minutes. We deliver the final edited HD video on DVD or via Online link so you can view it as you wish. We are experts at editing video so expect to be blown away by the quality and visual elements we put into your video.

What happens if my photographer or videographer gets sick on my event day?

At PhotoVideoGo, we never double book and we always have a backup person, just in case. You can be assured that we will be there for your special day and we will certainly be on time. If a situation  arises that is totally out of our control, like an act of God, you will receive a full refund of all fees already paid to us.

Can you shoot my Event in High Definition?

All of our videos are shot in High Definition. Whether you choose a small or big package, you can be assured that all our work is delivered in exceptional quality. We guarantee it.

Can you shoot my Event  in 4k?

Yes, but there is an additional cost.